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Managing ITAR/EAR Complexities

February 11-12, 2019
Tampa, FL

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Export Compliance Solutions & Consulting (ECS)


Experts in navigating ITAR/EAR complexities & challenges.
ITAR/EAR global consulting & training practices.
Interactive, level-based ITAR/EAR seminars every eight weeks.

Founded in 2003, Export Compliance Solutions & Consulting (ECS) is a leading trade controls training and consulting firm renowned for its expertise in U.S. export laws and regulatory requirements. Through an agile, team-based seminar and consulting approach, our staff - comprised of former government and defense industry officials - stands ready to help you. Experts in helping companies worldwide understand the complexities of the ITAR, EAR, and OFAC sanctions, our mission at ECS is to help clients build internal competencies and processes to meet compliance challenges. The wide array of compliance training and consulting services ECS offers, includes:

Check out our website to learn how ECS helps organizations achieve and maintain full ITAR and EAR compliance through our consulting and training practices—including our online video course which will elevate the export compliance awareness of your entire workforce. Our steadfast commitment in meeting your compliance challenges is for our knowledge and experience to be your one-stop advantage. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you in the near future.


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NewThe highly trusted ECS Training Academy hosts bimonthly ITAR and EAR seminars in various locations around the country—all focused on export compliance and technology transfer knowledge-sharing. Considered one of today’s premier learning environments for new and established export compliance professionals, ECS is proud to be able to offer the following professional courtesy discounts.

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