State Department Discontinues DSP-119, Other Forms in Development

The State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) has published a web notice discontinuing acceptance of the DSP-119 (Application for Amendment to License for Export or Temporary Import of Classified or Unclassified Defense Articles and Related Classified Technical Data):

Web Notice: Discontinuance of ELLIE and form DSP-119: (11.14.17)
Effective December 1, 2017, DDTC will no longer accept form DSP-119 to amend the DSP-85. All pending DSP-119’s will be processed pursuant to 123.25 of the ITAR. Any DSP-119 form submitted to DDTC on or after December 1, 2017 will be returned without action. When amending the DSP-85, the applicant must submit a completely new DSP-85 along with a transmittal letter, signed by the Empowered Official explaining the amended change.

Previously an all-purpose amendment form, the DSP-119 is currently only accepted to amend the DSP-85 Application for Permanent/Temporary Export or Temporary Import of Classified Defense Articles and Related Classified Technical Data.  Unclassified licenses are unaffected and may continue to be amended with the appropriate form (DSP-6, DSP-62, or DSP-74).

DDTC continues to work on expanding online DECCS (Defense Export Control and Compliance System) forms which are submitted through an interactive, browser-based form.  DECCS currently supports the submission of Commodity Jurisdiction (CJ) requests, which should be joined in the near future Advisory Opinion and Disclosure forms.  (Note also that DDTC currently recommends submitting a DSP-5 technical data export license in lieu of a General Correspondence Advisory Opinion when possible.)

DECCS forms for registration renewal and update as well as the single licensing form are also in development.

One-form electronic filing, proposed revisions of the definitions of defense services and manufacturing, and rules regarding release of technical data to foreign dual-nationals will be discussed at the next Defense Trade Advisory Group (DTAG) meeting scheduled for February 1, 2018 (originally December 7, 2017, but rescheduled in a November 20th Federal Register Notice).  To attend the DTAG meeting, please note the instructions at the end of the notice.

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