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Thank you for viewing the demonstration video and for your interest in ECS online ITAR Training. If you wish to evaluate the entire ITAR Awareness Training Course and Student Exam for possible use you can do so for a special evaluation subscription cost of $50, a savings of $100 off the Single Subscription rate. When you apply for the evaluation User ID you will receive a Coupon Code to enter during the application process. Once you complete the application you will be able to access the online Learning Management System (LMS) and complete the ITAR Awareness Training Course. Select one of the choices provided below for additional information.

Comprehensive ITAR Training...Online!

Single Subscription

Multiple Subscriptions

Multiple Subscription pricing offers discounts from the single subscription price based on the number of students to be registered Read ITAR & EAR Video Facts.

Apply for an Evaluation User ID

Evaluation IDs are issued at a discounted rate for managers of companies with multiple users to take the training and exam to evaluate it for possible purchase.
Read ITAR & EAR Video Facts.

Purchase Now

Purchase prices to download the video to your company intranet server are based on the number of students who will access the training. Read ITAR & EAR Video Facts.

For video questions and sales assistance dial toll free (866) 643-6719